Another kind of Fermenting – Fermenting Cabbage

Fermenting Cabbage

Fermenting Cabbage into sauerkraut, it seems like one of those things that is too complicated to try! Well, let me tell  you, you can get it done in FIVE steps! Follow the steps below to a great sauerkraut!!


Step 1: Shred the Cabbage

Peel back 2-3 leaves from one large cabbage before proceeding with shredding. If you are using a food processor, use the slicing blade, that will give you log strands. If you do not have a food processor, use a very sharp knife! Put cut cabbage into a bowl.

Step 2: Add Salt and Massage the Cabbage

Add two tablespoons of NON-IODIZED sea salt and start massaging the cabbage, almost like kneading bread dough! do this until you lift the cabbage and liquid is draining.

Step 3: Add Spices

I took the time to add in one cup of cranberries and one tablespoon of caraway seeds, we will see how it turns out! Mix in whatever spices you want well.

Step 4: Pack Mason Jars

Pack the cabbage into as many mason jars as you need. Make sure you add as much cabbage as you can, squishing it down and packing it in.. Take the juice from your bowl and distribute evenly between the jars. Make sure the liquid is covering the shredded cabbage. If the liquid is below the cabbage line, you probably did not kneed your cabbage enough. That’s OK, boil a quart of water and stir in 1-3 Tbs of sea salt. Add the solution to the mason jars so the cabbage is covered.

Step 5: Cover and Let it Sit!

Take the cabbage leaves from the beginning and cover the tops of the jars, squishing them down so the shredded cabbage is submerged. This creates an anaerobic (Without oxygen) environment for the lacotbactillus to grow. Take a square of paper towel and cover the jars, sealing them with a rubber band so no buggies get in! Set in a dark place, and start tasting after about three days. It may even take up to a month depending on how sour you like it, how hot your house is, and how fast your lactic acid grows. Mine has been fermenting for two weeks at this point and is still crunchy, but tasty!


Seriously, this is just the beginning! try some variations, then move on to other veggies!

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