Banana Wine – 11.5 Litre Batch

Banana Wine

When my partner came to me and said he wanted to try banana wine, my reaction was “what?” I like bananas, but being new to wine making at this point, the idea of a banana wine seemed exotic and strange. Curiosity took over of course, and we began to research recipes. Be prepared for a gross looking and tasting initial wine… something akin to banana peels mixed with lighter fluid (18 percent alcohol will do that!). But, as with most wines, let it age and time will smooth out unwanted harsh flavours and you’ll be left with a full bodied wine with a golden hue! I like going to our Wholesale Club in Edmonton to forage for their discount produce (sometimes up to 50 percent off), and was lucky enough to find bananas on the rack. Over ripe bananas is actually what you’ll need for your wine (think banana bread), so don’t worry if the bananas look unappetizing.


First, peel your bananas and chop into discs. Throw them in eight liters of water and bring to a simmer and keep it there for thirty minutes. Add sugar, raisins and lemon juice in a sanitized primary. At this point, your simmering bananas should look like grey sewer water and smell just about the same… but this is normal!! Pour the banana water over the sugar, raisins and juice, stir well and let the mixture cool. Once the must is cool, add your tannin* and crushed cambden tablet and wait twelve hours. Next, add in your pectic enzyme and wait another twelve hours. Finally, after the twenty four hour waiting period, add in your yeast starter (learn how to make a yeast starter here).

*A note about tannin, if you choose to leave in your banana peels in the boil, you don’t need this addition. We chose not to use the peels since we didn’t buy organic bananas and didn’t want the peels in the boil.

After one week in the primary, strain out all fruit and sediment and rack in to secondary (learn how to rack here and fit with and airlock. Let sit for one month, and rack off sediment. Wait two months, rack one more time and wait until clear to bottle (about a month or so). Learn how to bottle here. Age at least a year, but maybe prepare a smaller (375 ml) bottle so you can satisfy your curiosity earlier, I know we did!

Banana Wine

OG: 1.127
FG: 1.994

13 lbs of Bananas – Peeled
2 Lemons – Juice
1 lb Brown Sugar
5 lbs White Sugar
3/4 tsp Tannin
3 tsp Pectic Enzyme
3 Camden Tablets
2.4 lbs Chopped Golden Raisins
EC-1118 wine yeast


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