What is “Racking?” An Essential Step in the Home Brew Process


What is “Racking”

Racking is the term used to describe the action of siphoning your home brew from one vessel to the next. This process is used to get your home brew off the yeast and trub settling at the bottom (Yeast cake) and to take the beer/ wine away from any additives you have added such as fruit skins, herbs, spices, or hops!

Place your primary at least 3 Ft above the carboy and grab your sanitized siphon.  Add your pump end into the primary and tube end into the sanitized carboy. Start pumping the

auto siphon a few times and your beer/ wine should start flowing through the siphon. You are now racking your beer!

You WILL be leaving behind some brew. That’s okay.  To minimize the loss, you can tilt the fermenter on something thick (like a phone book), giving it an angle to grab more brew.  Make sure you grab a hydrometer reading at this time, unless this is the third or more racking.

Sanitize an airlock and bung and fill the airlock halfway with sanitizer. Plug  the hole of the carboy with the bung and airlock and let sit for one week in a cool dark place.

Bottling? Check my post on bottling here!

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