Hosting a party can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it can also be challenging to decide how many non-alcoholic drinks to provide for your guests. You want to ensure that everyone has enough to drink, but you don’t want to overdo it and end up with wasted drinks. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that influence how many non-alcoholic drinks you should serve at your party.

Planning a party can be exciting, but deciding on the beverages to serve can be a challenging task. You may have guests who prefer not to consume alcohol, which means you’ll need to include some non-alcoholic options. In this article, we’ll explore how many non-alcoholic drinks you should consider having at your party to ensure everyone can enjoy a refreshing beverage.

The Number of Guests

One of the most crucial factors that determine how many non-alcoholic drinks you should serve is the number of guests. The more guests you have, the more drinks you’ll need to provide. As a rough estimate, you should aim to have at least two non-alcoholic drinks per guest for a three-hour party. If you’re hosting a longer event, you may want to increase that number.

Age of Guests

It’s also essential to consider the age of your guests when determining how many non-alcoholic drinks to serve. If you’re hosting a party for adults, you may want to focus more on alcoholic beverages. However, if children or teenagers will be attending, you’ll need to provide more non-alcoholic options.

Time of Day

Another factor to consider is the time of day that your party will be held. If you’re hosting an afternoon or early evening party, you may want to serve more non-alcoholic drinks as people may not want to drink alcohol during the day. On the other hand, if you’re hosting a party later in the evening, guests may be more likely to want alcoholic beverages.

Types of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

When planning your party, it’s important to consider the types of non-alcoholic drinks that you’ll serve. Providing a variety of options will ensure that all of your guests’ tastes are catered to. Here are some popular non-alcoholic drinks that you can serve at your party:

Aim to have at least two non-alcoholic drinks per guest for a three-hour party, taking into consideration the number and age of guests, time of day, and providing a variety of options such as water, soft drinks, mocktails, and coffee and tea. Set up a self-serve station, use disposable cups, and label the drinks to help guests find their favorite beverages.


Water is a must-have at any party. It’s essential to keep your guests hydrated, especially if they’re drinking alcohol. You can serve water in pitchers with slices of lemon, lime or cucumber for added flavor.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are a popular choice for parties. You can serve soda, lemonade, or iced tea. If you want to provide healthier options, you can serve fruit juice or smoothies.


Mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails that are perfect for parties. You can create a variety of mocktails using fruit juices, herbs, and spices. Some popular mocktails include the Shirley Temple, Virgin Mojito, and Sunrise.

Coffee and Tea

If you’re hosting an evening party, you may want to provide coffee and tea. You can serve hot or iced coffee and tea with milk, sugar, and honey on the side.

Serving Tips

Once you’ve decided how many non-alcoholic drinks to serve and what types to offer, it’s essential to consider how to serve them. Here are some tips to help you serve non-alcoholic drinks at your party:

Have a Self-Serve Station

Having a self-serve station for non-alcoholic drinks is an excellent way to ensure that your guests can help themselves to drinks. You can set up a table with pitchers and glasses, and guests can refill their drinks as needed.

Use Disposable Cups

Using disposable cups is a practical choice for parties. It saves you from having to wash dishes, and guests can throw them away when they’re done.

Label the Drinks

Labeling the drinks is a great way to help your guests find their favorite non-alcoholic beverages. You can use chalkboard labels or place cards to identify each drink.

FAQs – How many non-alcoholic drinks for a party?

How much non-alcoholic drinks should I prepare for a party?

The amount of non-alcoholic drinks that you should prepare for a party largely depends on the type, duration, and size of the gathering. As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to have at least two non-alcoholic options available for guests. If you’re serving a full meal, then one to two drinks per person is suggested. For events that are longer than three hours, it’s best to have at least four to six different types of beverages available to guests.

How do I choose which non-alcoholic drinks to serve at a party?

When selecting non-alcoholic drinks to serve at a party, it’s important to consider the time of day, theme of the party, and the preferences of your guests. For instance, if the event is taking place in the morning or early afternoon, then serving drinks like coffee, tea or fresh fruit juices could be a great option. If you’re hosting a barbeque or outdoor party, beverages such as lemonades, iced teas, and sodas can be refreshing. Always make sure to offer a variety of tastes and flavors to cater to every guest’s taste.

How do I calculate non-alcoholic drinks for a large party?

When catering for a large party, it’s best to estimate the number of guests who will attend in advance. Then, take into consideration the duration of the event and how much the guests will consume. A good estimate is to prepare one and a half cups of non-alcoholic drinks per hour, per guest. If your party is a long one, then it’s recommended to have extra available to avoid running out mid-event. Remember, it’s always better to have more than not enough.

Can I make non-alcoholic drinks look fancy for my party?

Absolutely! Non-alcoholic drinks can be made to look fancy for any party. A simple way to do this is to use different types of glasses or containers like mason jars, champagne flutes, or ceramic cups. You can also add fruit slices, herbs, or edible flowers to garnish the drink. Be creative with mixing colors and flavors, and don’t forget to make them Instagram-worthy by adding a colorful straw, stirrer or garnish to match the theme of the party.

What are some common non-alcoholic drinks that I can serve at a party?

Some common non-alcoholic drinks that are suitable for serving at parties include soda, lemonades, iced teas, coffee, tea, and fresh juices. You can spice them up by adding syrup, fruit puree, or extracts. Infused water is also an excellent option to provide to guests, incorporating refreshing flavors such as cucumber, strawberry or lime. For a special occasion or winter gathering, hot chocolate or spiced apple cider are also great choices. Be sure to check that there are no food sensitivities or allergies before serving any non-alcoholic drinks.

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