Partial Mash – Strawberry Pale Ale

Strawberry Pale Ales

Check this out people – STRAWBERRY PALE ALE! Your taste buds will thank you for making this creation!

The Strawberry: Fresh or Frozen?

You may think fresh strawberries are better, as everything fresh is, but in this case, it is not! In all cases when fermenting with whole fruits, the standard practice is to freeze your fruits to help kill any yucky crawly things and so the cellular walls can be broken down. This helps extract more flavor and sugar from the fruit so it can be fermented in your beer or wine. So defiantly, go frozen, as it is usually cheaper!

The Ingredients

1 lbs of two Row
8 oz of Quick Rolled Oats
8 oz of Cara Pils
6 oz of Honey Malt
2 cans of Coopers Pale Ale Kit
Safale so-5 (Make a yeast starter)

Hop Schedule

0.5 oz of Nugget at 45 minutes
1 oz of Cascade at 15 minutes
1 oz Centennial at 15 minutes
1oz of Citra at 10 minutes
1 tsp of Yeast Nutrient at 10 minutes
1 oz of Citra at 5 minutes
1 oz of Citra at 0 minutes
1 oz of Cascade at 0 minutes
2 oz of Citra for four days

*** If you do not like hoppy beers cut the above in half

The Way You Do It

Mash your grains for an hour at 147 Degrees F. Once this is done, remove grains and sparge what you can (if you don`t know what sparging is, check out my post here) and remove the grains and add extract cans. Follow your hop schedule and then cool your wort. Add to primary and top up with water to twenty-three liters. Add your yeast, and let it ferment in a cool place for one week.

In a week, grab your frozen strawberries and fry them up until they get mushy like seen below and add to your primary.


Frying Strawberries

Frying Strawberries

Let the strawberries sit in the primary for one week, and transfer into a glass carboy. Let it sit in the carboy for a few days or until somewhat clear. This beer will not clear completely, so don`t wait too long to bottle!


Fermenting with Strawberries

Fermenting with Strawberries


The Result

Strawberry Pale Ale

Strawberry Pale Ale

Finally, the strawberry notes are not as forefront as I had hoped– but overall it is a great beer! it is smooth, hoppy that fades into strawberry, and suits the hot weather we have been getting in Edmonton quite well! Give it a shot – if you don`t like hoppy beers, cut back the hops by half.

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