, the topic at hand is the availability of non-alcoholic wine in Arizona. Non-alcoholic wine is a great alternative for those who choose not to consume alcohol, and it is important to know where to find it in your area. In this discussion, we will explore the different options and stores that offer non-alcoholic wine in Arizona.


Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage enjoyed by many. However, for individuals who do not consume alcohol, finding an alternative can be challenging. Non-alcoholic wine is a suitable option for those looking for a beverage that provides the taste and experience of wine without the alcohol content. In this article, we will explore where to find non-alcoholic wine in Arizona.

What is Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Non-alcoholic wine is a type of wine that has had the alcohol removed. This process involves heating the wine to evaporate the alcohol, which can cause a loss of flavor. To combat this, winemakers often add sugar or fruit juice to enhance the taste. Non-alcoholic wine is an excellent option for individuals who want to enjoy the taste of wine without the negative effects of alcohol.

Online Retailers

One of the best places to find non-alcoholic wine in Arizona is through online retailers. Many websites specialize in non-alcoholic wine and offer a wide selection of brands and flavors. Some popular online retailers include:

  • Amazon
  • Total Wine & More
  • BevMo

Online retailers are an excellent option for individuals who want to shop from the comfort of their home and have the wine delivered directly to their doorstep.

Specialty Stores

Several specialty stores in Arizona cater to individuals looking for non-alcoholic wine. These stores often have a more extensive selection of non-alcoholic wine than traditional liquor stores. Some popular specialty stores in Arizona include:

  • Healthy Habit
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Whole Foods Market

These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can assist customers in selecting the right non-alcoholic wine for their taste preferences.

Restaurants and Bars

Many restaurants and bars in Arizona now offer non-alcoholic wine as an alternative to traditional wine. These establishments recognize the growing demand for non-alcoholic options and are adapting their menus to accommodate customers’ needs. Some popular restaurants and bars in Arizona that offer non-alcoholic wine include:

  • True Food Kitchen
  • The Vig
  • The Henry

Visiting a restaurant or bar is an excellent option for individuals who want to enjoy non-alcoholic wine while socializing with friends or family.


While traditional wineries may not offer non-alcoholic wine, some wineries in Arizona specialize in non-alcoholic wine production. These wineries offer a unique experience for individuals looking to try non-alcoholic wine and learn more about the winemaking process. Some popular non-alcoholic wineries in Arizona include:

  • Fre
  • Ariel Vineyards
  • Sutter Home Fre Wines

Visiting a non-alcoholic winery is an excellent option for individuals who want to learn more about non-alcoholic wine and support local businesses.

Local Farmers Markets

In Arizona, local farmers’ markets are not just a place to buy fresh produce. Some farmers’ markets in Arizona also offer non-alcoholic wine. The wines are made from locally grown fruits like pomegranates and citrus fruits. One such farmers’ market in Arizona that offers non-alcoholic wine is the Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Market.

FAQs for Where is Non Alcoholic Wine in AZ

Where can I find non alcoholic wine in Arizona?

Non alcoholic wines are becoming a popular choice among people who want to enjoy wine without the potential effects of alcohol. You can find non alcoholic wines in several stores in Arizona. Large grocery store chains such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Safeway usually carry non alcoholic wine. You can also check wine shops and specialized beverage stores in your area. Online stores like Amazon and Total Wine & More also offer non alcoholic wine options for shipping.

Do all stores in Arizona carry non alcoholic wine?

While most large grocery and beverage stores carry non alcoholic wine, not all stores have them in stock. It is advisable to call ahead or browse the store’s website to check if they carry non alcoholic wine. Some stores may have a limited selection or brands available.

What types of non alcoholic wine can I find in Arizona?

There are many varieties of non alcoholic wine available in Arizona. You can find red, white, and rosé wines as well as sparkling and sweet wines. Some popular brands of non alcoholic wine include Ariel, Natureo, and St. Regis. You can also find wines made from grapes, fruit, or blended with tea.

What are the best options for non alcoholic wine in Arizona?

The best non alcoholic wine option for you depends on your taste preferences. It is recommended to try different brands and types of non alcoholic wine to find the best match for your palate. Some popular options in Arizona are Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon, Natureo Muscat, and Sutter Home Fre Chardonnay.

Can non alcoholic wine be shipped to Arizona?

Yes, non alcoholic wine can be shipped to Arizona. Online stores like Total Wine & More, Amazon, and Drizly offer non alcoholic wine options for shipping. However, you must fulfill the age requirement of 21 years old, as wine shipping laws apply to non alcoholic wine as well. Shipping fees and delivery times may vary depending on the store or vendor.

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